Volunteers – Building community through giving

The Cape Coppermine Landowners Association consists entirely of volunteers who generously contribute their time to administrative tasks, maintenance, and event planning. Without these dedicated individuals, we wouldn’t enjoy our beautiful beach, boat launch, and the delightful events held annually. We extend our heartfelt thanks to every volunteer for your invaluable contributions; your efforts are deeply appreciated.

We are seeking additional volunteers for the following areas:

Cape Coppermine Day Committee Members
– General Coordinator: Oversee the entire event, coordinate various areas, and ensure adequate volunteer coverage.
– Food Coordinator: Manage the purchase of food items such as hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, drinks, chips, condiments, ice, etc., for the event. Serving dishes and a BBQ will be provided, along with a tent and table that need setting up on the day.
– Children’s Games: Organize and operate the slip and slide, assist with other games as needed, and maintain and repair existing games for this year’s use. New game ideas are also welcome.
– General Setup and Tear Down Assistants: Needed in all areas.

Grass Cutting: One additional volunteer is needed for mowing the green spaces at the beach and the ditches nearby.

General Beach Maintenance: Smooth out the sand with a drag, remove garbage and debris, and rake the swimming area to minimize weeds.

Board of Directors: Seeking one or two more directors to ensure a broad representation of community members in decision-making and advocacy.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions, please send an email to capecoppermine2@gmail.com or contact Russ Friesen (russelljfriesen@gmail.com) for more information. We’d be happy to have you aboard!